Do I Deserve? Treating Yourself vs. Over Indulging

Do I Deserve? Treating Yourself vs. Over Indulging

      Neftali Angelo has been such a blessing to our brand. Taylor and I met them on Instagram last year, it is so funny how the world works sometimes. My best friend Sharon introduced me to their page in early 2017, and they were doing this makeup challenge based on experimenting with different colors, I was hooked after the first picture. Their skills are amazing, and I remember posting a picture of them on Kuvit Beauty's Facebook page because it was breathtaking. Fast forward a few months and Taylor discovered that they were following Kuvit’s Instagram page! We quickly hit them up to send them some free product off of the strength of what they can do with makeup. Tell me why our most recent order was from them! Long story short, we sent them some additional product and have had such a great connection with them ever since. When it came down to building up our blog page, they were on the top of our list of people we wanted to contribute. We are so happy and excited to be connected to this amazing individual and fully plan to incorporate them into our brand in the future, this is just the beginning. Thank you Neftali for your genuine support, we adore you, now let's get into the blog!   

                                 Do I Deserve? Treating Yourself vs. Over Indulging

By: Neftali Angelo

       In recent years, the concept of “self-care” has swept through all the virtual dimensions of social media. Whether it's a picture of your lavish spa day on Instagram or a Twitter thread of the best face masks under $5, this generation is constantly finding new ways to cope with the stress of everyday life, the anxiety revolving the social climate, and the constant fear of the world’s overall impending doom.

         Truth be told, there are some amazing ways to treat yourself without spending a dime; simple meditation, a long bath, or an entire night binge-watching makeup tutorials. Whatever your taste may be, it is undeniable that you can relax and indulge without dipping into the last $40 of your savings account. That being said, this still doesn’t stop us from wanting to splurge big.

       Now, this isn’t our fault. Capitalism is one quick b*tch, and she grabs hold of anything good and runs with it. Brands have taken this “in the name of self-care” idea and directed themselves to cater to the wants of our hedonistic generation. Companies are scratching to make the most selfie worthy face mask and are adopting “do something good for yourself” ad campaigns. All in all, they want to sell you something, and they’ll let you know that you deserve to buy it.

         Don’t get me wrong, I’m just as hedonistic as the next non-binary guy and I truly believe everyone deserves to indulge in something here and there, but why do we feel the need to treat ourselves beyond our means? Is it because we are deserving of more than what we have? Yes, this is true, and it’s a great way to view yourself, but where do we draw the line? And when do we need to draw it?

The answers are all in your circumstances.

       Social media is a great place to share parts of your life with others, but with that comes an almost inevitable urge to compare what you have to what they have. This idea of “if she has it, I should have it too” is not only harmful to your self-esteem, but to your credit score as well, and let’s be honest, self-esteem will only go so far.

        A lot of the times we don’t even want the things we think we want, it is the image of them that we chase after. Once the picture has been posted, that splurge you convinced yourself was an investment, gets thrown in the corner of your messy room next to the pair of underwear you wore on Tuesday.

        Try to learn the difference between treating yourself and over-indulging, and remember that real self-care is not only caring for your present self but your future self too.

        What do you really want and what do you have money for? Not available credit for, money for. Whatever the answer may be, refrain from asking yourself if you deserve it, because we all know you do, instead ask yourself, will I use it? Will it make me happy in a month? And lastly, will it look good on Instagram? Because yes, that matters too.

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