Getting to know Us: 5 Questions

Getting to know Us: 5 Questions

As we move into the new year we have already been off to an EXCITING start! In the month of January we were offered the opportunity to share our company story on an international platform with an interview from Vogue India! As unexpected and random as the opportunity seemed we were greatly appreciative of the experience and feel that it was the perfect platform to share our beliefs about inclusivity and the beauty community with a much larger audience (if you'd like to read the article click here**).

Although we have made major efforts to personalize much of our company we still haven't spent that much time getting personal with all of you. Sooo we felt it was only right to share just a bit about us. Here are 5 fun questions/facts you should know. We hope you enjoy!


  • What’s your name?
  • TW: Taylor Marie Williams

    MW: Madison Elise Williams

  • What’s your zodiac sign?
  • TW: Gemini 6/14/92

    MW: Capricorn 1/7/96

  • What was the 1st CD you ever bought?
  • TW: Christina Aguilera’s 1st Album, titled: “Christina Aguilera”

    MW: Prince Musicology

  • Are you the older or younger sister/ what’s that experience like?
  • TW: I’m the older sister. Im sure in most cases the younger sister is considered the “annoying/playful one” but in our case I’m sure that title goes to me! Madi and I have been lucky enough to have always remained close (even as young kids). Although we get in arguments (like all siblings do), we are quick to resolve things and get back to the  laughter!! If I can’t joke around with my sister I don’t know what to do with myself.

    MW: I am the younger sister by three and a half years. It was overall a great experience I always had a built in friend so I was never board. Taylor and I were always very close we did a lot of similar things like Girl Scouts and Soccer so we would spend a lot of time together.

  • What hilarious story can you tell about your sister?
  • TW: Madison was always an early riser as a kid! Without a fail She would be up at 6am everyday ready to start the day! During the week my Mom had to be up early in order to get to work ontime and so she would be up around the same time as Madison. Madi would scamper off to my parents bathroom and help my mom get ready for work everyday. She called herself “Alicia” (we still have no clue why), and while my mom would take her shower Madi would crawl into a ball on the bath mat and just wait. When my mom was ready Alicia would hand her all of her daily necessities from products  to brushes and combs. Madi was always very caring and that’s part of what makes her special!

    MW: Taylor and I have always been very creative. We would make up all kinds of games no matter where we were. Both of us would go out with our dad to camera stores a lot and would have to spend long stretches of time while he shopped around and talked to all of his friends that worked at Sammy’s Camera. We used to play this one game where Taylor was a confused Hunter and I was a deer and she would shoot me and throw me over her shoulder. And it never ended it would be the same cycle over and over again! Looking back it was just a simple short game but I have so many memories having the best time.