Best Makeup Looks from the Cast of Euphoria

Best Makeup Looks from the Cast of Euphoria


Euphoria Deserved an Emmy Nomination! 

          The first season of Euphoria took over the summer! It was a sobering look at the reality of teens growing up in this technology-obsessed age. The show also touched on trans identity, mental illness, sexuality, revenge porn, abusive relationships, teen pregnancy, and drug use through the lens of high schoolers. Somethings were extremely hard to watch and made me glad that high school is long behind me; while other things were so pure and beautiful they exposed the importance of friendship, love, and connection. Many of us identified with these characters, and are excited that they got picked up for season two



Every detail of every character needs to be fully understood to make a great show!  

          One of the most iconic parts of this show is the character styling, more specifically the bold makeup looks that came from the mind of head makeup artist, Doniella Davy. Davy worked on the sets of Moonlight and If Beal Street Could Talk . Both of these movies are cinematically beautiful, but not really focused on big dramatic makeup looks. When she got the job for Euphoria, creator Sam Levinson, a big fan of youtube makeup tutorials, pushed Davy to take complete creative control. I love when those in power give other creatives the license to challenge themselves in their chosen artistic medium. Doniella Davy did such an amazing job conveying these characters' unique personalities through their makeup. Keep scrolling for some makeup inspiration! 




And of course, we love Lexi's Halloween Costume as the great Bob Ross!




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