Black History Creator Spotlight: Kat Blaque

Black History Creator Spotlight: Kat Blaque


As we close out our black history month tributes to Youtube creators I am constantly reminded of the endless amount of talent on this platform. It was really hard for me to decide which creators to feature but, I ultimately knew that we couldn’t end the month without talking about Kat Blaque! Over quarantine, I have come across so many new black creators but, Kat is by far one of my favorites. 

To me she embodies what a quality Youtube creator should be on the platform. Her work ethic and integrity is amazing, but more than that, her authenticity is something to admire. Kat is one of the only black trans women I have seen on this platfrom and I am so happy to support her as she uses her voice to advocate for other black trans women and black people in general. I also appreciate her ability to speak so candidly to the camera as she broadcasts live from her cozy,creative,corner. Below are just a few of my favorite videos, check them out and subscribe to her youtube channel for more.

Do I Belong In Black Cis Female Spaces?

 I love this video because as a cis gender woman I can acknoledge that I need to be more deeply educated on Trans rights. Unlike most content creators focused on being commercially palatable and “family friendly”, Kat dives head first into difficult/mature topics such as these. As she shares her personal opinions I appreciate the amount of introspection and empathy she has for cis black women in general as they have struggled to claim the very few spaces that the have.  

As Kathryn explains her own struggles with self identity she touches on the plight of many trans people who not only question their worth, but also their placement in society. “We live on the outskirts of humanity”, she says, as she explains what it’s  like to have prepared your whole life for a certain degree of rejection. These heart breaking realities only expose the greater truth that black people collectivly are still struggling. As we begin to educate ourselves more within the black community my hopes are that we can eventually get to a place of clarity. One that allows us to see the parallels in all our struggles to support and uplift each other collectively. 

How Do I Feel About Race Play???


What I love most about Kat is the fact that she’s willing to say what everyone is thinking but too afraid to say outloud themselves. The truth is race play is weird and as a black person in America it knotes as very spesific underlying message that most people choose to ignore. Are white people dangerously fetishizing black bodies or is fantasizing about colonial slavery in the bedroom normal? Kat’s honesty and first hand experiences are what make her so relatable. Even if you have never found yourself in an experience like this personally, her anecdotal way of speaking makes you feel engaged and you can tell by the way that she has cultivated a community, that the comment section is always open for a place of healthy debate and curious discussion. This video is one of many challenging subjects that should be discussed more on the internet and I appreciate the value that it adds to the platform at large. 

Black Women I LOVE on Youtube 


Because there aren’t enough weeks in february I feel like this is a great video to wrap everything up. Clearly Kat shares our sentiments in uplifting and celebrating other incredibly talented black women and this video was such a heartwarming tribute. What I appreciated the most was the emphasis on showcasing black creators who’s messages are centered around the identity of blackness. This list alone is a testament to the fact that black people (more spesifically black women) are not monolyths and each of us bring a rich and unique perspective that deserves to be heard. Kat shares her favortie channels of all sizes and topics ranging from life as a trans woman to political commentery, and through her eclectic taste there’s undoubtedly something that will strike your interest.   


Kat Blaque is a class act! Every video that I watch leaves me more informed and more impressed each time. I truly appreciate her insight on subjects I am less versed (but every interested) in. Her desire to tackle “taboo” subjects of conversation and approach them with critical analysis and grace is something that not many have mastered. Kat’s attention to detail does not go unnoticed, and although she is quite recgonizable as one of the largest black trans influencers on Youtube, many people outside of LGBTQIA space may not know her name. For all that she has to offer, Kat deserves a much bigger platform and a lot more recognition. Hopefully after watching these videos you’ll take some time to check out more of her content and support her on all platforms.